Phoenix Termite Control and Removal

Termite activity in Phoenix, AZ, typically involves the subterranean termite. Even though all newly-built homes are pretreated for termites, that chemical barrier does not last forever. Over time, as the pretreatment begins to break down, your structure becomes more and more vulnerable.

A telltale sign of termite activity is the presence of mud tubes forming along the concrete foundation of your home. Termites build these tubes so they can travel up your foundation from the soil to your home. There the pests chew wood to consume cellulose. This process destroys wood and creates structural damage to the home, resulting in costly repairs that can become dangerous if not addressed.

What to Do Once You Discover Termites in Your Home

Thorough inspections, swift treatment, and on-going maintenance are the best methods for exterminating and preventing a termite infestation. Our specially trained field experts use a combination of professional treatment methods to ensure comprehensive protection of your home.

We understand how frustrating a termite infestation can be. It’s an all-too-common problem that many Phoenix residents face. Fortunately, we also understand what it takes to rid your home of these pests. Contact us today to get started and reclaim your peace of mind.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of termites in Phoenix?

Depending on the property, we use either liquid treatments or bait stations. A field expert will thoroughly inspect your home, business, multifamily, or commercial property and recommend the best course of protection. We offer both preventative services as well as curative treatments for active infestations.

Are termites really a problem in Phoenix?

Termites are found valley-wide, so it’s not a matter of whether you get termites; it’s a matter of whether you’ll be prepared when termites try to attack. That’s why we offer all general pest control customers a free annual termite inspection. We want you to be prepared, and we’re here to help!

We Can Remove Termites from Your Phoenix Home or Business

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