Call Moxie for Brown Recluse Extermination

If ever there was a deceptive name for a pest, it has to be the recluse spider. And there are a lot of them in this part of the world, so here is what you need to know. The brown recluse is one of a few spider species in Oklahoma which has "medically significant" venom, another being the black widow, which everybody's heard of. This venom, which it will inject when it bites you, causes necrosis - the premature death of cells in tissue. Read More

Whoever wrote the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme was probably thinking of those skinny, delicate, long-legged insects that dance around in dusty places and you can swipe with a newspaper or the back of your hand. But you need proper pest control for brown recluse spiders, because these things are neither cute nor charming. And you need brown recluse pest control because they may well be reclusive, but even if they do sit around reading a book in private, when disturbed, they can be violent. Biting someone and giving them a dose of necrotic venom may be a natural response for them, but it is painful and harmful, and that is why we at Moxie Pest Control are on the side of the humans. It's bad enough if a resilient, worldly adult gets bitten, but imagine if it happened to a visitor in your home, a young child, even. How would you feel then?

What's the Drill for Brown Recluse Pest Control?

The best way to ensure brown recluse extermination is to get your home treated regularly, because pests, including spiders, just keep coming back. They're out there in nature and while you may get rid of those on your property, millions of their relatives won't know this and they will move into your home just like the first lot did. We at Moxie will clear your place of the current infestation, and we'll treat the yard too, because that's where they come from, but to keep on top of the situation, we offer quarterly contracts. That means we come back every three months to check, and if there is a need for brown recluse pest control again, we'll help you. We'll treat the foundations and clear egg sacs that may be anywhere, just waiting to introduce the next generation. If you get trouble before our next scheduled visit, we'll come out for free and tackle the problem. The same contract style applies to our pest control and termite inspections, rodent control services and more.

How can I get started with Pest Control for Brown Recluse Spiders?

Just fill in the online form or call us. We'll come and help you with brown recluse extermination which will be the start of permanent protection for you and your family. We do this with all kinds of pests, too, from rodents to mosquitoes, so we can talk you through the whole thing, take what steps are necessary and give you advice on combating what is a natural fact of life. Pests want to live in and on your property and we will stop them. They're not going to frighten Miss Muffet away, because her friend Moxie won't let it happen. So get in touch today. Read Less