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If you’re looking for custom, comprehensive pest control you can count on, look no further than Moxie Pest Control. Our effective control services protect your whole property, both inside and out. Whether you need treatment for fire ants in your backyard or fleas that Fido brought in, our pet- and family-friendly treatments take care of pest problems around your entire property easily and effectively. 

Our field experts protect your property from unwanted pests through custom, comprehensive service that addresses your unique needs. From your first phone call to the moment you welcome us into your home, we’re on your side. At Moxie Pest Control, your peace of mind is our main goal.

Pests in Fort Worth

Expert service, reliable results. Our team provides friendly assistance and proven solutions for infestations of all sizes, so you no longer have to worry about biting, troublesome pests in your home. Moxie Pest Control’s field experts have the skills and knowledge to protect your property from pests here in Ft. Worth, including:

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fire ants

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Mice and Rats

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Each of our highly-skilled professionals is equipped to carefully treat your property for the pests you’re likely to encounter here in Ft. Worth, including termites, ants, cockroaches, and rodents. Your pest control treatment plan always includes preventive measures, so you can enjoy a home free from the worry of pests long after we leave.

Moxie Pest Control protects Ft. Worth businesses, too. When pests invade your commercial space, it can compromise your operations and threaten the comfort and security of your employees and customers alike. Our commercial control plans take care of unwelcome pests swiftly and efficiently so you can get back to business.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the industry. We do this by providing consistent, friendly service, prompt assistance, and terrific results. We also include free, unlimited warranty services between visits in case anything ever pops up. Our team is committed to giving you a first-rate experience, whether we’re answering your pest questions over the phone or completing a service on your property.


Termites, unlike many other common home intruders, are more than just nuisance pests. These destructive insects can do serious damage to the structure of your home. In fact, termites are responsible for billions of dollars worth of damage across the country every year. Even worse, termite infestations are often detected only after significant structural damage has occurred. 

At Moxie, we know how disastrous these pests can be and employ comprehensive solutions to inspect, treat, and protect your property from termites before they cause irreparable damage. Our field experts have the proper tools, expertise, and experience to eliminate these wood-destroying pests and ensure ongoing protection for your home. 

Our termite control plans include:

  • Prompt, custom home inspections.
  • Robust treatment for nesting sites.
  • Expert-recommended solutions for future protection.
  • Bundled services to save you time and money.

Ready to guard your property against termites? Give us a call today at (817) 659-2888.


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We value the trust and satisfaction of our customers. That’s why we bring the same diligence and friendly service to every interaction we have. When it comes to pest control, we’re more than just a business. We’re your neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can’t I get rid of pests on my own?

Success in pest control depends on accurately identifying the type of invading species, using the correct eradication methods, and applying them properly. Moxie’s field experts have the training and expertise to accurately classify a pest problem and determine the course of action that will produce the quickest, most thorough results. Our field experts are able to do this through detailed, ongoing training on a daily basis.

With do-it-yourself pest control, it’s hard to know how to treat a problem the first time—or even after a few tries. A pest control professional, on the other hand, can correctly verify the size and scope of your pest problem and implement the most effective treatment right away. This allows you to save the time and money you’d otherwise spend on a costly trial-and-error DIY approach.

Does Moxie treat for scorpions?

Yes! Our team specially inspects and treats your property for likely scorpion harborage spots, such as rocky, shaded, or creviced areas. It’s important to us to safeguard your home and family from these stinging pests. Scorpions don’t have to be part of life in Ft. Worth. With Moxie Pest Control on your side, you can enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind.

Can you get rid of wasps?

Yes! Our professionals have the right tools and education to securely remove wasp nests from your yard, no matter how difficult they may be to access. When you leave wasp removal to our professionals, you ensure that your whole family stays unharmed and healthy before, during, and after the process.