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What Type of Spiders Are in Arizona?

Finding a spider inside your home can be unnerving, and Arizona is home to many types of spiders (27 unique species to be exact). Since some of these Arizona spiders are dangerous, knowing how to identify these common household spiders can free you from worrying about which bites can be lethal.

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Here are the most common arachnids in AZ (pictures included!).

Common Arizona Spiders

In Arizona, the most common spiders found are house spiders, brown recluse spiders, black widow spiders, and wolf spiders.

House Spiders

house spider

House spiders (also known as Southern house spiders) earned their name from where they’re typically found: people’s homes. These arachnids can be identified by the papery brown egg sacs they deposit in their webs. Small and brown, house spiders are often mistaken for the much more harmful brown recluse spider. House spiders, however, are not dangerous. Seldom aggressive, they only bite on occasion, and their bites heal quickly.

Brown Recluse Spider

brown recluse

As mentioned above, brown recluse spiders do have a dangerous bite. These arachnids are light brown/tan in color and their legs measure 1 1⁄2 inches. While these spiders do live around homes and commercial buildings throughout Arizona, you’re unlikely to encounter a brown recluse because of its solitary nature. These spiders don’t want to be found, so they shelter in out-of-the way places, building webs in attics, sheds, and foliage. Be cautious of cluttered areas indoors and out; piles of debris and other items can provide attractive harborage areas for brown recluse spiders. If you find one of these spiders in your Arizona home, call a pest control professional to help. Do not attempt to pick one up since their venom is dangerous.

Black Widow Spider

black widow

Perhaps the most infamous spider in the United States, the black widow spider is found in Arizona as well as throughout the country. Their irregularly shaped webs, often described as messy, are usually found low to the ground and littered with leaves and other debris. Female black widow spiders have a bite that’s dangerous to humans, though their smaller male counterparts do not. You can identify a female black widow spider by its markings: a black body and legs with a red hourglass shape on the underside of its abdomen.

If you do spot a black widow spider, leave it to a pest control professional so you don’t risk getting bit. A bite from a black widow spider can cause severe muscle pain, cramping, and nausea in healthy adults. Seek immediate medical attention if an infant, elderly person, or someone with a compromised immune system is bitten.

Wolf Spiders

wolf spider

Wolf spiders can seem intimidating due to their large size and predatory behavior, but they’re not a threat to humans. These spiders hunt bugs and other spiders, so they’ll often try to conceal themselves when inside a home, such as under chairs or tables. Female wolf spiders are 3⁄8-1 3⁄8 inches long, and males are 1⁄4-3⁄4 inches long. Despite their menacing name, wolf spiders don’t often bite people, though they can if provoked. Wolf spider bites look like other bug bites: a small red bump that’s often itchy and swollen. There’s typically nothing to worry about with wolf spiders, but if you do get bitten and have any concerns, seek help from a medical professional.

Spider Control in Arizona

Spiders are common in Arizona, and while most of the spiders you’ll encounter around your home or office are harmless, that doesn’t mean you want them around.

You Found a Spider Inside Your Home. Now What?

One of the best ways to deter spider activity is to keep areas free of debris and clutter. Move old wood piles or unused pavers away from your house. Keep landscaping neat and trimmed. This, coupled with professional pest control treatment, can prevent spiders from moving into your home or place of work.

We offer comprehensive pest control services in Phoenix and Tucson, and our team of experts is ready to help you gain the upper hand in saying goodbye to spiders.

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