Phoenix Rodent Control and Removal

Rodents carry disease, damage property, and in the case of restaurants and other businesses, can ruin a reputation. Mice and rats can even destroy homes by chewing electrical wires and gas lines, leading to house fires.
Although snap traps and other do-it-yourself treatments can be effective, many rodent problems require a trained professional to get lasting results. The team at Moxie Pest Control can help you get rid of any current rodent activity as well as prevent future infestations.

Signs of a Rodent Infestation

Identifying the type of invading rodent and the size of the infestation are the first steps to conquering a rodent problem. Our field experts will begin by inspecting for signs of rodent activity. Chewed-up or hollowed-out citrus fruits from trees in your backyard, for example, can be an indication of roof rats, an invasive species that often lives in attics here in the valley. On the other hand, plant material, cacti, or other debris piled next to an A/C unit can indicate the nesting site of a pack rat.

Our field experts will work with you to identify irregularities in and around your home so we have a clear idea of the problem and how to solve it.


How Moxie Pest Control Handles Rodents

Our treatment process often involves a combination of traps, baits, and exclusion measures. You can help prevent rodents from coming inside by replacing worn or missing weather stripping, trimming back tree branches that overhang the roofline, and screening off vents or other points of entry into your home.

With Moxie Pest Control on your side, we’ll get rid of the vermin from your home professionally and with minimal impact to you and your family.

We Can Remove Rodents From Your Phoenix Home or Business

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