Pest Control Services for Tulsa Residents

Whether you’re facing an active infestation or want to prevent pests from coming into your home in the first place, Moxie Pest Control has the expertise, resources, and experience to help you eliminate pest problems.

We believe in friendly, professional service and expert knowledge so we can deliver the best pest control experience possible. In fact, our entire staff trains daily on pest identification, behavior, and treatment methods.

And with family- and pet-friendly treatments, we can help you regain your peace of mind and enjoy a protected home all year-round.

Pest Control in Tulsa

Tulsa’s climate creates attractive breeding conditions for many pests, and we’ve customized our protection plans specifically for the pests we face here in Oklahoma. Some of the common pests we treat include:

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Mice and Rats

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Fleas and Ticks



What Moxie Customers Say

We work hard to make sure every customer receives the expert care and attention we pride ourselves on. And with free, unlimited warranty services between visits, you can rest assured that we’re always just a phone call away if something unexpected pops up.


When it comes to cockroaches, even one in your home is one too many. These stubborn pests excel at finding ways inside homes in their quest for food and shelter. And once inside, they can spread disease and contaminate your food.
Cockroaches can spread disease-causing microorganisms in their fecal material and other secretions, causing diarrhea, dysentery, plague, typhoid fever, and leprosy.

– They can also carry eggs for nematodes and protozoan oocysts.

– Cockroaches are known to trigger asthmatic attacks and allergies.

– These pests contaminate food by spreading germs they pick up from garbage dumps and human waste.

Since cockroaches multiply quickly, it’s best to call a professional as soon as you see one in your home.

Our field experts can identify the invading cockroach species, ascertain the infestation level, and customize a treatment plan to get rid of them quickly and effectively.

Since cockroaches can pass along product immunity to their young, it’s best to seek professional assistance rather than trying over-the-counter sprays and baits on your own—the wrong product choice can actually worsen your problem. Our field experts are trained in the best elimination methods and get rid of cockroaches using proven techniques and professional-grade products.


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Protect your family from bites and stings through preventative pest control for your home. Our year-round protection plan guards your home against Tulsa’s most common pests through seasonally customized treatments.

Each quarter, we’ll reinforce the protective barrier around your home by:
Treating your home’s foundation 3’ up and 3’ out to seal cracks and crevices and keep pests out.
Sweeping windows and eaves to remove spiders and wasp nests.

Granulating your yard to reduce turf pests such as ants, fleas, ticks, and spiders.
Inspecting and treating your home’s exterior and interior for seasonally-specific pests.
We also offer termite inspections and treatments to safeguard the structure of your home from these wood-destroying pests.

Stop pest problems before they start by calling us today for a free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I hire a professional when I can try and do it myself?

DIY pest control can be a frustrating—and costly—endeavor. While over-the-counter sprays and baits are available at your local home improvement store, figuring out the right one to use can be an expensive trial-and-error process. Pest control professionals are specially trained in pest identification and behavior so they can select the right product for the right situation, resulting in faster, more effective pest elimination. Our field experts have the proper tools and experience to make quick work of your pest problems.

Can Moxie remove rodents from my home?

Yes! Mice and rats are definitely unwelcome houseguests, and we can evict them with little inconvenience to you and your family. It’s best not to delay if you suspect you have a rodent problem; their chewing on wires and rummaging through food can present safety and health hazards. Just give us a call, and we can help.

Can Moxie get rid of ants?

Yes! We treat many different ant species, including odorous house ants and fire ants. One ant can quickly turn into many when it comes to these persistent pests, so please don’t hesitate in giving us a call, especially if you find them indoors. Your field expert will identify the invading ant species and craft a custom pest control plan to eliminate them, typically using baits or repellents.

Do I Really Need Regular Pest Control in Tulsa?

Rats, mice, cockroaches, termites, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes… they all live in Tulsa and we’ve just got to get used to it. But that doesn’t mean we should tolerate having them in our homes. We have to do something about it, and that means finding an exterminator in Tulsa, OK. Fortunately for all property owners, there are exterminators in Tulsa. If you’re looking for one, you’re probably going to google pest control companies in Tulsa, OK. And you will find some, but as in every area of business, there are good ones and bad ones, experts and cowboys. There’s value for money and there’s money down the drain. So you need to find a reputable company, one that takes pest control in Tulsa very seriously and has experience with all types of pests and all types of property. Read More

How Much Does Pest Control in Tulsa Cost?

That all depends on which one you choose and which pests you’re batting against. Take termites, for instance. The average cost of repairing termite damage is $10,000. And have you ever tried getting an insurance company to add termites to your coverage? They want to don’t do it because termites are inevitable. But having termites around and letting them go about their business are two different things. You can choose to be proactive and make life difficult for the little blighters. The best solution is to get a contract with Moxie for quarterly termite inspections and treatments in Tulsa. You’ll be paying us a little to avoid paying a lot for repairs. So that $10,000 is not going to apply to you; it’s not going to be coming out of your checking account.

What Makes Moxie the Best Choice for Exterminators in Tulsa?

Professionalism. That covers everything from answering the phone in the first place (and as you know, not everybody does these days) to visiting your property promptly and dealing with your problem effectively. That, in turn, requires skill and knowledge, both of which Moxie Pest Control have in abundance. We know our pests and we know how to get rid of them. Pest control in Tulsa is pretty much like pest control anywhere in the US, but with local angles, and we know the particular issues facing an exterminator in Tulsa. The sheer variety of nature is a cause for joy and celebration in many cases, but when it comes to pests, it adds a degree of difficulty, because certain varieties behave differently from others.

One thing that separates us from the herd is the fact that we treat the whole property, not just the seat of the current issue. Pests come from outside, so we’ll treat your yard to make it harder for pests to even make it to the buildings. And we’ll take time to do it properly. Beware the cheapsters who will fly in and out in five minutes, spray the foundations and tell you that’s it.

That’s why a contract is the best idea, too, because pests are persistent and stubborn. They are going to be back and if we’re on a contract with you, we’ll be back too, every three months for our regular visit and if you get a problem in between, we’ll come out and deal with it for free.

How Can WE Start with Pest Control in Tulsa, Oklahoma?

Simple. Contact us and let’s discuss your current needs for pest control in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ll get on the case, and you can relax. Read Less


Whether you’re facing an infestation or want to prevent pests from being a problem in the first place, get in touch with us for a free quote at (918) 417-8998. We can’t wait to help you feel more at home in your home.