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At Moxie Pest Control, we know that, as a homeowner, you may face a variety of unwanted pests in Indianapolis. We understand the stress and heartache homeowners feel when they discover an infestation on their property, especially when you’ve done your due diligence to prevent pests. While some pests are merely a nuisance, others can threaten the health and wellbeing of you and your family. That’s why we provide effective and targeted pest control to ensure that we get rid of the pests you have but also prevent future problems down the road.

Our comprehensive pest control in Indianapolis features a general package that addresses most of the pests specific to your area. However, depending on your needs, we can also suggest additional treatments to effectively deal with other types of pests. At Moxie, we know that the one-size-fits-all approach isn’t effective to many homeowners because every home is different. Let us tailor the perfect package to address your specific pest control needs, at a price you can afford.

Common Pests in Indianapolis

When we first opened in 2001, Moxie services started as a small office in one location. Now we’ve grown to become a trusted pest control provider nationwide. We’ve made it our mission to become knowledgeable about pests that are common to your area. We treat for common pests such as ants, spiders, rodents, and wasps but can also help you with pests that are native to Indiana such as:



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Paper Wasps

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It doesn’t matter what pests you deal with; Moxie Pest Services has a solution to help you rid your life of pests. When you contact us, we’ll set up a FREE consultation with one of our field experts to help determine the best treatments or packages to address your needs. Our licensed field experts use effective and proven treatments that not only get rid of pests but are pest and family friendly as well.


What Moxie Customers Say

Our well-trained, experienced staff will handle your pest problem with thoroughness and expertise. We’re prompt in our response and available when you need us.

Since we’ve dealt with most pests in Indianapolis, we don’t have to rely on trial and error. We know what works and what doesn’t.

Our clients love our unlimited warranty services between regularly scheduled services and that we use reliable, high-quality products.



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Professional Ant Control in Indianapolis

You might notice an ant or two on your counter, only to realize that there’s actually a whole trail of these annoying pests blazing their way into your kitchen. It can be tempting to run out and buy a can of bug spray, but think twice. Ant infestations are dynamic. There can be multiple colonies involved, and not all types of ants are attracted to the same type of baits. A professional pest expert can inspect the source of the ant infestation, identify the species, and perform the most effective elimination methods, getting the job done right the first time.

Don’t delay! Give us a call, and our field experts can help you reclaim your home. We use high-quality, family-friendly products to remove ants and can answer any concerns you may have. Whether ants have populated your kitchen or are making your backyard a no-go zone, we can send them packing. 

You’re not alone when it comes to tackling pest problems. We’re ready to assist with integrated pest management methods and preventive measures to prevent future infestations. 


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Our customers love our personal approach and professionalism. Moxie Pest Control employees are all educated about pests in Indianapolis and love sharing their knowledge and advice for avoiding pests.

We love answering questions and providing peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I do my own pest control?

We want you to feel empowered to care for your home. Pest management, when done effectively, requires a great deal of knowledge and experience, not just about bugs in general, but about the pests here in Indianapolis specifically. That’s why we view ourselves as partners with you, working together to care for your home. We have the training and experience, and no one knows your home better than you. Working together, we can achieve far more—and more quickly—than a homeowner typically can do alone.

Can Moxie get rid of termites?

Yes! We provide termite control for both active infestations and preventative maintenance. Our termite specialists are trained to inspect for termite activity, treat any current problems, and provide ongoing protection going forward.

Pest Control for Your Office Space

Our same great pest control services are now available for commercial properties as well. Our commercial treatments will ensure your building or office space is free of pests year-round. Our ultimate goal is to give you peace of mind knowing that your employees and customers are protected from uninvited pests and critters. By choosing Moxie, we’ll take care of all your pest control needs so you don’t have to deal with them moving forward.

Whether your pest issues or small or large, we have the experience, resources, and knowledge to take care of you. Our standard for quality and relentless efforts to provide the best services is the reason why so many trust Moxie Services for all their pest control needs.

Give us a call today or set up a FREE consultation for pest control in Indianapolis with Moxie Pest Control.

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