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Pests of all types thrive in our Tucson heat. Spooky desert critters like scorpions and tarantulas love to cross the boundaries between wild and urban areas in ways not often seen in other parts of the country. When you throw city staples like cockroaches and ants into the mix, the life of a homeowner here in the Southwest can be seriously testing. Don’t worry, Moxie has your back.

Whatever Mother Nature throws at you, Moxie is ready to stand in defence of you and your home. We have the experience and the professional treatments to send those aggravating, and even dangerous, pests marching in the opposite direction from you and yours!

Tucson’s Unpopular Pests

At Moxie, we’ve built up a vast knowledge base that covers all the common pests troubling our Tucson neighbors. Here’s just a partial list:

Mice and Rats


German Cockroaches





*Available at select locations

No matter what pests are troubling you at your home or business, Moxie is ready for it! When you call us we’ll set up a FREE consultation with one of our Licensed Field Experts to come and assess your property and find the treatments or plans to meet your specific needs.

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Moxie’s Pest Services Don’t Stop at Your Home

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Moxie knows your business is important to you—and keeping your clients and employees in a clean, safe environment is one of the primary concerns of any business owner.

The commercial pest control services Moxie provides to Tucson are extensive, and whatever you need, we want to take it on! Regardless of its size, Moxie has the experience and resources to take care of your place of business. Our standards of quality and relentless efforts to provide the best services is why so many trust Moxie for all their pest control needs.

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Preventative Services

All of Moxie’s services incorporate preventative measures, but sometimes it pays to take further action. To that end, Moxie provided preventative options for termites and rodents.

Prevention is always preferable to finding a solution, and that’s especially true when it comes to rodents. Even if you don’t have pests inside your home now, that’s no airtight guarantee you won’t in the future. And you might be surprised to learn that many of us live with unseen pests causing damage inside our walls.

Let us make and keep your residence free of termites and rodents.

  • Rodent Protection – Inspection, exclusion, harborage assessment
  • Termite Inspection and Service Options

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