Is it True That you're Always Only Ten Feet Away From a Rat? Time for Mice Exterminators in OKC

Ten feet, thirty feet, three feet, these are just numbers that are plucked out of the air by people telling the story. Unfortunately, there is some truth in it. Rats and mice are everywhere, and they particularly like to be near humans, because where there are people there is food and drink. Unless we're absolutely obsessive about keeping everything in bite-proof, sealed containers and sweep up, wipe up and vacuum every time we eat or drink, little bits and drops are going to find their way to the floor, the work surfaces and anything else that's around. Read More

We hate rats, and that's another ugly word, but there are certain instances in which we can feel justified in using it: we hate rats. Mice, well, they're not as scary as rats, but we don't want them on the premises either. Mouse exterminator in OKC, anyone? Mice are dirty, they can spread disease, they can chew things and damage them even if they're not actually food, and they taunt us by leaving their droppings to prove that, although we might not have seen them, they've been in places they shouldn't be.

How is Professional Rodent Control in OKC Better Than Doing it Yourself?

Lots of people have put a mousetrap down and gone back later to see if they've caught one. But it's not like fishing; you're not going to keep it and eat it and you're not going to throw it back, either.

There are only two good types of rodents: dead ones and those that are somewhere else, just not anywhere near us. Engage a good rodent control company in OKC and you can relax and leave the dirty work to someone else. Leave it to us, Moxie Pest Control. We'd like that. It's what we do, and we're very good mice exterminators in OKC.

For best results, you can get us on a quarterly contract, which means we'll get you pest-free and then, when they come back - and pests always do - we'll come back too. The three-monthly interval is usually enough to keep rats and mice at bay, but if they do make a reappearance within that time, we'll come out for free and kick rodent butt again.

How Quickly Can You Give Me Some Rodent Control in OKC?

We're as professional with response times as we are with the actual work. We know it's important to help our customers promptly, so that's what we aim to do. Give us a call or fill in the online form and we'll get on the case immediately. Read Less