Termites are tricky pests for homeowners to manage. And because they can actually affect the structural integrity of your home, it’s crucial that you take care of them the right way. In fact, even pest control companies need to have special licensing and a creative approach in order to fight them for you effectively. Luckily, we’ve got the expertise and ability to handle this problem for you. This service is only available in certain locations so please call us at your closest location and give us some details so we can best assess your unique situation.

*This service is available at select locations only. Please call your local branch to learn more.

Oklahoma Termites: How Can Something So Small Cause So Much Trouble?

Termites eat wood. But these creatures are so minuscule, how can that be a problem? It all comes down to the power of numbers. Strength in depth. One termite eating away for a few weeks isn't going to do much damage. But they don't come in ones and twos. Termites come in armies. Thousands of them going at your woodwork can soon make inroads, and the trouble is, often we don't know it's happening until it's too late. That's why it makes sense to find yourself a firm of Oklahoma termite specialists and get us on a quarterly contract. We are Moxie and we carry out termite inspections in OKC and termite treatments in OKC. We are a big name in pest control and termites are high on our list of specialisms. Read More

Why a contract? Won't A Single Termite Treatment in OKC do the Trick?

Even with today's technology and pesticides, the most thorough treatment will get you termite free for a while but not forever. It's termite control in OKC, not termite extinction. There are billions of these little terrors in Oklahoma alone and they're constantly breeding, so the best you can do for your property is get it treated and then regularly inspected, so we can nip trouble in the bud.

With Moxie Pest Control, you'll stand a better chance of avoiding issues than you would with many of the other cheap pest control companies in Oklahoma City because they aren't as thorough as we are. We're not just going to fly in, spray the foundations, grab a cup of tea and leave. We take as long as is needed to do the job properly, and we won't just do the foundations and obvious sites: we take it out into the yard too, because that's where insects come from. We will do as much as we can to stop termites from being able to breeze up to your woodwork and start munching. Prevention is better than cure, particularly when the cure can cost many thousands of pounds repairing structural damage and the knock-on effects that turn a quiet infestation into a very visible disaster.

Our quarterly contract means we'll come out and carry out a termite inspection for your home in OKC which will reveal if you have an immediate problem, and if so, we'll deal with it. Then, every three months, before the termites can do too much damage, we'll visit again and do a pest control and termite inspection. If you detect a termite attack within the three months, we'll come out promptly and free of charge and treat the property again. If you need a rat exterminator in OKC or help with some other pests, we'll let you know too.

Are Hazardous Chemicals Used by Moxie's Oklahoma Termite Specialists?

Natural solutions are very much on the agenda nowadays, but despite the best efforts of the companies that produce them, many of the household chemicals you use for cleaning etc. can be harmful to humans. Our termite specialists in Oklahoma are trained to apply chemicals with care in order to minimize the dangers.

Okay, I Need Termite Control in OKC, so How do I Get This Show on the Road?

All you've got to do is contact us, either with a phone call or by filling in our online form. We realize the urgency involved in these matters and we want to help our customers as soon as possible. So the sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can get started on solving your termite infestation in Oklahoma. Read Less