Phoenix Mosquito Control and Removal

Mosquitoes and the diseases they carry can cause serious health issues to Phoenix residents. Maricopa county is a hotbed for mosquito activity, making mosquito control more important than ever.

For superior mosquito control in Phoenix, AZ, you can count on the team at Moxie Pest Control. We use a range of highly effective techniques to reduce the mosquitoes around your home so you can enjoy your outdoor spaces with peace of mind.

Mosquitoes Can Cause Serious Health Effects

You know mosquitoes are extremely annoying, with a bite that can cause itching for days, but did you know that they also pose a significant health risk? Mosquitoes can be vectors for diseases that lead to chronic conditions. Malaria, Zika virus, yellow fever, and dengue fever are just a few of the diseases that mosquitoes can transmit.

West Nile virus (WNV) is by far the most common mosquito-borne disease in Arizona. Since there are currently no human vaccines to treat West Nile virus, the Arizona Department of Health Services recommends avoiding mosquito bites by wearing protective clothing and using EPA-approved insect repellents containing permethrin.

Effective Control of Mosquitoes by Targeting Trouble Areas

All good pest-control strategies involve both getting rid of current infestations and preventing future ones. That’s exactly the type of plan we bring to mosquito treatments at Moxie Pest Control.

We target areas where mosquitoes breed and congregate, including sheltering areas that are high in moisture, ponds, and dense foliage. By eliminating active mosquito populations and disrupting their breeding cycles, we can reduce the presence of mosquitoes around your home.

We Can Remove Mosquitoes from Your Phoenix Home or Business

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