Termites are tricky pests for homeowners to manage. And because they can actually affect the structural integrity of your home, it’s crucial that you take care of them the right way. In fact, even pest control companies need to have special licensing and a creative approach in order to fight them for you effectively. Luckily, we’ve got the expertise and ability to handle this problem for you. This service is only available in certain locations so please call us at your closest location and give us some details so we can best assess your unique situation.

*This service is available at select locations only. Please call your local branch to learn more.

Never Delay A Termite Pest Inspection; Call Moxie

Termites mix all the worst qualities of an infestation: They're stubborn, they're hard to spot early on, and they often don't leave obvious signs until extensive damage has been done. If your pest control professional confirms you have termites, it can be stressful to wait while they handle it. That's why Moxie Pest Control prioritizes your comfort and lets you know exactly what's going on with your home throughout the work. With us, you can expect an expert termite inspection and pest control service that's also friendly and considerate of your home and your space. Read More

Pest Termite Inspection: What are the Signs?

There are some early warning signs for termites; they're just hard to spot and easy to dismiss if you aren't looking for them. The sooner you notice them, the less expensive repairs are. Here are some of the signs which warrant immediate termite pest inspection and extermination services:

  • Patterns in Drywall: Drywall is mostly made of plaster, but it does contain cellulose, a form of plant material. Termites love eating cellulose, and they have no problem burrowing all throughout your drywall to eat as much of it as possible. If you notice pin-sized holes in your drywall, call us right away!
  • Unusually Creaky Floors: Some of the biggest trouble with termites is that they eat your home from the soft bits outward. Termites prefer softwoods to hardwoods every time; unfortunately, your home's softwood components are usually out of sight, within the walls and beneath the floors, making up the structural parts. Hence you need a pest termite inspection because termites are difficult to spot with the naked eye, especially when you are not actively looking for them. In other words, by the time you notice your hardwood floors being eaten away, there's likely severe damage to the softer parts underneath. And that's going to cost a lot of money.
  • Leftover Wings: Termites almost never expose themselves to light and dry air; they thrive in moisture, and they die without it. But if you have an established colony near or in your home, you might see a swarm. Termite swarms are made of a special kind of termite that only exists to help grow the colony, and these can fly. After they find a mate, they shed their wings, and if they're in your home, you'll see the wings lying around or stuck in spiderwebs. They look like little scales; if you see them, it's time to call us in for a terminite pest inspection.

Reach Out to Check for Termite Pest Inspection Near You

We do our very best to help, but our termite pest control services are only available at certain branches. We have termite inspection services in OKC and termite control packages in Tulsa. You can also give us a call to learn where your nearest one is. If you have one nearby, we can also give you a free quote on the price of our services. Don't worry; if you've got termites, Moxie will take care of them for you. Read Less