Is Your House Being Eaten? You Need Termite Treatment in Tulsa

You're supposed to feel safe in your own home. It's a fundamental right. Except... if you make a close inspection of your woodwork, you detect signs that it is being eaten. Quietly, unobtrusively, something is devouring your property. Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters? They're not going to be able to help you.

If somebody hasn't already made a movie about a plague of termites, they will someday. Because the thing is, this isn't science fiction, it's plain old reality, and it's happening right now in a building near you. Your building? Could be. Time for a termite treatment in Tulsa. Read More

In all seriousness, this could be happening, and if it is, you need to look for someone to give you termite control in Tulsa. Now.

What are the Signs That I Need a Termite Inspection in Tulsa?

How can you tell if it's happening? Damaged wood, piles of dust, termite droppings, maybe. But what is normal wear and tear and what is evidence of trouble? The average person wouldn't know for sure. That's why you need a specialist who carries out termite treatments in Tulsa.

You can hear a news anchor on TV saying it. "It all started with a standardtermite inspection in Tulsa. That's when a regular Oklahoma resident discovered their property was being eaten from under them."

What Causes Termites to Attack Homes? Why Do You Need Termite Control in Tulsa?

It's a dramatic word, but if something is threatening to destroy the structure of your building, that's an attack. As far as we know, termites eat wood, among other kinds of plant matter. They live in colonies and they operate in huge battalions, which is how such tiny creatures can cause so much destruction. They have no concept of such human concerns as money, so they don't know their hugely popular and well-attended current banquet is costing a homeowner tens of thousands of dollars. But that is said to be the average cost of repairing and rebuilding after an infestation. It's no laughing matter. Hence the need for termite control in Tulsa.

How can I get a Termite Inspection in Tulsa to Ensure My Property is Safe?

It's a simple process. First, find yourself a company renowned in Tulsa for termite treatment. And just to save you the trouble of searching, that would be us, Moxie Pest Control. Make an appointment for us to come and inspect your property. We'll take it from there. If we find termites, we'll deal with them. If we don't, that doesn't mean you are somehow immune to this widespread problem. It just means they haven't got around to you yet. But they will, so it's best to get checked regularly.

We take our job very seriously. We are an all-round pest control company in Tulsa and termite control is one of our specialties. So give us a call today or fill in the online form and let us help you keep your property safe. Read Less