Phoenix Pigeon Control and Removal

Pigeons are difficult to get rid of on your own, in part because of their innate homing instinct. This urge makes pigeons  strongly attach to their established roosting and nesting areas and hard to evict. Couple that with the fact that mating pairs can hatch as many as five broods a year, and your small pigeon problem can rapidly turn into a much larger issue. And since pigeons will resort to laying eggs on bare surfaces if they have to, getting rid of pigeons isn’t as simple as just removing their nests.

If your home has a pigeon problem, the experts at Moxie Pest Control can help.

 Our Expert Pigeon Removal Service

Our field experts will inspect your home before recommending the best course of pigeon removal. We have a few different options and can customize the treatment in accordance with your specific needs. In most cases, pigeons can be removed through methods that do not harm the birds. As with all aspects of our service, our team will make sure you’re comfortable with our proposed removal process before we begin servicing your home. Our plan will be based on the location and extent of the infestation.

Don't Attempt DIY Pigeon Control

Pigeons flock to many urban areas and can cause significant damage to property and vegetation. Their excrement can stain buildings, create unsafe living conditions, and produce unpleasant odors. These birds can also pose health risks as carriers of diseases that are transferable to adults, children, and pets.

If you have a pigeon infestation problem, avoid any attempt to remove these birds yourself. Pigeons’ fecal matter can contain diseases that are transmissible through the air. Plus, you may have to climb onto the roof of your home or buildinga potentially hazardous task. Instead, contact our team of professionals at Moxie Pest Control. Our field experts have the training and equipment to remedy your pigeon problem quickly and effectively.

We Can Remove Pigeons From Your Phoenix Home or Business

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