Phoenix Flea and Tick Control and Removal

If you’ve lived in Arizona for more than a few years, then you’ve probably noticed an increased number of fleas and ticks on your pets and on your property.

One contributing factor to the increasing numbers of these blood-sucking pests is the continually intensifying drought in the Phoenix area. As the wilderness becomes hotter and less habitable, wild animals that harbor fleas and ticks, such as raccoons, opossums, rats, mice, foxes, squirrels, and coyotes, wander more frequently into urban areas.

As these animals, as well as feral cats and dogs, travel through urban and suburban neighborhoods, fleas and ticks spread from them to pets where they attach themselves and feed. Even some of the flea species not typically associated with domestic pets, such as the sticktight flea, are now routinely found in urban areas here in Phoenix.

Fleas and ticks can carry bacteria and become vectors for transmitting a wide range of serious diseases to humans, including murine typhus, hantavirus, and plague.

Fleas and Pets

It’s critical for pet owners to understand the dangers posed by fleas and ticks—dangers that go beyond pets’ scratching, licking, and hair loss. These parasitic pests can spread disease and cause illness in pets, too.

It’s important to be deliberate and vigilant in keeping fleas and ticks off your dogs, cats, and other pets. In addition to using a flea and tick preventative recommended by your veterinarian, a professional pest control expert can proactively treat your yard to stop fleas and ticks in their tracks. Our pet-friendly flea and tick treatments let you and your pet enjoy the outdoors without worrying about picking up these uninvited parasites.

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