Chiggers Pest Control

When you’re walking in the park or playing outside in your yard, you know to keep an eye out for certain pests. You might use bug spray to avoid pesky mosquitoes or check yourself regularly for ticks that try to latch onto you.

However, there’s another pest—often unseen—to be aware of when enjoying the outdoors: chiggers.

A chigger’s bite can surely put a stop to any outdoor fun, as it results in severe itching and inflammation. Unfortunately, anyone who spends a lot of time outside is prone to coming across these pesky mites.

Whether you’re in your yard or going for a hike, you want to avoid chiggers as much as possible. To help you stay away from them, it’s best to be able to understand the difference between chiggers and jiggers (also known as clover mites) and how to tell whether or not you’ve been bitten by this pest.