The Moxie Difference

The Moxie Difference

Why do people invest in pest control services? Sure, you want those rudely invasive pests gone, but why? The truth is, pest control isn’t just about getting rid of bugs—it never was. Pest control is about feeling comfortable in your own home, maintaining peace of mind, and most importantly, keeping your family and pets healthy and happy.

At Moxie, we know that pest control is part of something bigger—improving lives. In fact, we are so dedicated to this larger goal that our mission doesn’t even mention the words “pest control”.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our customers, team, and community.

How do we do that? Yeah, we take care of your pests… and we’re really good at it. But there’s also so much more we do to better ourselves and the lives of others. We’ve refined our philosophy into four values that are at the core of everything we do.

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1. Do the Right Thing

Every day customers invite us into their homes, trusting us not only to eradicate their bugs, but also to care for their properties and families. We take this extremely seriously. At the very minimum, we owe it to our customers and employees to exceed safety standards, possess integrity, and exercise respect. However, we believe in doing far more than the minimum because we aren’t just a company…

We’re part of our community.

And as part of the community, our responsibility is not just to our customers and team—it’s to everyone. Ultimately, we all bear accountability for a better world. At Moxie, we know it is our duty to take action. From safe driving and positivity to service projects and volunteering, we strive to make our local, national, and global communities better places to live… it’s just the right thing to do.

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2. Be Nice

Finally ridding your home of pests definitely improves your quality of life. But we don’t stop there—we think simple, genuine kindness improves life for everyone. No matter how small, all interactions can be meaningful.

That’s why we’re committed to going the extra mile in our services and being helpful, friendly neighbors. Whether it’s showing a customer where the ants are coming from, sharing lunch with a team member, giving directions to a stranger, or just flashing a cheerful smile, it’s the little things we do daily that have the biggest impacts.

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3. Be the Solution

Enthusiastically solving your pest issues is what we do best. Each case is a new challenge, and setbacks only motivate us to find more efficient, superior resolutions. We take great pride in problem solving, and our solution-oriented attitude transcends pest control.

Through words and actions, everyone either contributes to our world’s collective problems or to our collective solutions. Between acts of kindness and community involvement, we at Moxie optimistically change what is in our control. Finding solutions is not just what we do… it’s who we are.

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4. Keep Improving

We’re excited and energized by the fact that each day brings new opportunities to work harder, do better, and be better. We appreciate chances to progress; without constant improvement, we couldn’t meet our goals. One of the best ways we actively better our pest service is through daily trainings.

Everyone at Moxie trains daily—an industry first. In order to proudly call ourselves certified pest experts, we all put in the work to learn as much as we can. When you call us, you don’t just get a scheduled service, you get answers.

At the end of the day, pest control is more than just treating bugs. Through our core values, pest services give us the chance to make positive impacts of all sizes. When you choose Moxie, you don’t just improve your home. You ultimately improve your community—and your life.



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