Year-round Pest Control… Is Pest Control Worth It?

Year-round Pest Control… Is Pest Control Worth It?

So, you have pest problems. We’ve all been there.

You start noticing pests around your home: maybe inside, maybe outside, or maybe both. At first, it’s only a few here and there, nothing too major. Still, you grab a can of Raid next trip to the store and get spraying. Yeah, it keeps the bugs at bay for a few hours, but then they pop back up.

Maybe it gets bad enough that you call up a pest control company and schedule a one-time service. You think certainly a professional treatment will rid you once and for all of your pest ambush.

But, sure enough, after a few weeks, the pests creep back up on you. At this point, you feel upset the pest service didn’t seem to work, annoyed you’ve spent so much time and energy on this ridiculous issue, and hopeless about anything truly controlling your bugs.

The reality is that effective pest control isn’t about battling pests once you see them. It’s about consistently battling pests before you see them.

Enter year-round pest control.

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Is Year-Round Pest Control Worth It?

To keep pests away from your home all year, year-round pest control is definitely worth it. Year-round pest control isn’t a scam designed to trap you—it’s a carefully crafted, highly individualized strategy to actually solve your larger pest issues, rather than merely cope with them. How does it work?

Here’s why year-round pest control is worth it:

1. Disrupts Pest Breeding Cycles

The pests you see aren’t just venturing onto your property; they’re also squatting. In fact, the activity you actually see only accounts for about 10% of your total pests.

Yup. You’re not seeing 90% of your bugs! pest circle graphic

Clearly, it’s not a great approach to just eliminate the bugs coming into contact with our products. That’s why we choose products with delayed effects. This way, the pests coming into contact with products track them back to their nests, where the products are passed amongst the others for maximum effect. It’s honestly pretty cool.

Usually, by the time we’ve begun treatment, your pests have already laid eggs. Since products can’t penetrate these pesky eggs, we have to wait until they hatch to treat the spawn. To address this, our year-round plans begin with two back-to-back services. We take a “one-two punch” approach to knock out both the initial pests and their offspring.

2. Creates a Protective Insect Barrier Around Your Home

Bugs are quite literally everywhere. Even worse, they are adaptable. If their habitat becomes inhospitable, they simply move to the closest habitable area. Your neighbors just started a pest control service? You better believe their bugs are booking it to your property. Our regular services not only curtail your existing bugs, but also prevent new ones from inevitably moving in.

To do this, our treatments focus heavily on the perimeter of your yard and base of your home to create what we call an “insect barrier” around your property. Since the products naturally break down, subsequent services maintain this protective barrier and keep the bugs where they belonganywhere but your home!

If you call us for a one-time service and we suggest a year-round plan, it’s not because we want to get you on the hook. Actually, we don’t like servicing your home only once because we feel it’s unfair to you.

We know the pests will be back once the products break down, and we definitely don’t want you overspending to fight problems case by case. Our insect barrier is the key to keep infestations from recurringgiving you the peace of mind you desperately deserve.

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3. Uses Defense as the Best Offense

Once we evict your initial pests and get that barrier up around your home, we move into maintenance mode. Some pest control companies utilize a monthly service schedule. While this works fine, we put a lot of extra effort into developing a better option for you: the quarterly service plan.

With our quarterly plan, we’ll come out every three months to complete a thorough inspection and maintain that protective barrier. We’ve carefully curated quality products engineered to last the full three months and manage a wide array of pests.

After about a year, you should consistently see very little insect activity. This is great! The less you think about us, the better we’re doing our job. But alas, we’ve noticed a funny phenomenon…

Sometimes, when customers realize insect activity is at an all-time low, they assume they no longer need us and discontinue our services. Unfortunately, when their maintenance time comes and goes with no treatment, the bugs predictably reinvade. When they do, it’s common for these previous customers to call us up and restart services. Since we then have to start the process all over, it can be really frustrating for them.

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4. Customizes Treatments for the Seasons and Your Property

No matter where you live, each season comes with its’ own major pest challenges. Summer brings the heat, driving thirsty pests inside your home. Spring and fall bring rain… and more water means pest populations can sustain greater numbers. Although cold winters may drive pests deep into their nests, we know they’re just waiting to explode back into your yard come spring.

The fact is, we know changes in weather affect insect activityand we use this to your advantage. Anticipation of seasonal changes lets us switch up treatment methods to prevent next seasons’ pest battles from reaching your home. If you’re lucky enough to live in an area with a mild climate year-round, then you know the bugs never stop. In these areas especially, preventative treatment is the only real solution.

The most exciting part of our year-round service is that we’re able to warranty your home! If, heaven forbid, pests unforeseeably invade, we’re just a call away from your unlimited free re-services.

That’s right! Unlimited. We think if you’re paying us to control your bugs, it’s our duty to make that happen. Overall, we know you have way more important things to manage than your pest issues. That’s why here at Moxie we believe:

5. Makes Life Easier

Pass the problem on to us!

Let us worry about everything regarding your bugs, including both the how and when to treat them. We’ll keep track of when it’s time to come back and give you a call a day or so before we plan on treating. All you have to do is keep a back gate unlocked… and leave the rest to us!

All in all, year-round pest control really is worth it. If you think about it, it’s kind of like health insurance! That is, if your provider was also your year-round nutritionist and personal trainer, dedicated to developing a comprehensive plan to help you not get sick in the first place. Regular pest control service truly is that awesome! Why wait around for insect disaster to strike if we can prevent it for you?

Still haven’t decided if year-round pest control is worth it? Give us a call, or check out information specific to your city here. We’d love to join your team!

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you really need pest control?

Quarterly treatments target the most common pests each season and leave a residual that lasts approximately 3 months. This schedule works best for most homes and businesses as a way to eradicate seasonal pests and maintain a year-round protective barrier.

Is pest control expensive?

It can be tempting to try DIY pest control, but this is often an expensive trial-and-error process. You can save time—and money—by getting the job done correctly the first time with a professional’s help. Since not all products work on all species, and it can be difficult to tell when you need a bait versus a repellent, a trained field expert can help you solve your problems with the added guarantee of free, unlimited warranty services.

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