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Why Do I NeedPest Control?

The climate in Texas is ideal for many pests, and they love nothing more than encroaching on the food, water, and shelter your home and yard provide. We prevent pest problems before they start so you can enjoy your entire property year-round.

What to Expecton Visits

Your initial service flushes pests out of their hiding spaces and is followed by the first quarterly service to seal up the cracks and crevices in your foundation and keep pests out. We reinforce this barrier and provide additional yard and home customizations each season.

Free, UnlimitedWarranty Services

If anything ever pops up between your regular maintenance visits, we’ll come out for FREE to take care of it. We also include interior service for your home at no extra charge. Call us anytime, and we’ll be right out.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our year-round general pest control plan includes an initial pest-flushing service followed about 30 days later by your first quarterly visit. After that, regular maintenance visits are every 3 months—one each season.

Each quarterly service begins with a thorough inspection of your property to look for areas of pest activity and potential conducive conditions. We then power spray your home’s foundation to maintain a protective barrier against pests and prevent them from coming indoors. We’ll also granulate your yard, remove spiderwebs and wasp nests, spot-treat specific areas of concern, and perform custom treatments to prevent the pests most likely to be problematic that season. We also treat indoors at no extra cost.

The best way to solve a pest problem is to stop one before it starts. Active infestations create more of a burden on those living in the house and are often inconvenient to eliminate for homeowners.

Pests can also damage homes and even spread disease. Year-round preventative maintenance safeguards your home as well as your loved ones.

Absolutely! We include free, unlimited warranty services between your regular visits. These services can be used for both the interior and exterior of your home.

Winter in Texas can be unpredictable, changing quickly between warm and cold, so it’s not uncommon to see a sudden uptick in all kinds of pest activity whenever the temperature rises.

Typical pests seen during cold weather include mice, rats, and spiders, but keep in mind that just because you don’t see pests, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.

A common misconception is that pests die when cold weather hits. Many pests actually go through a process called “overwintering.” During this hibernation and breeding phase, eggs will mature into adults between the cold weather and spring.

Treating for pests in the winter reduces the pest population so you have fewer bugs in the hot summer months.

Yes! We use pet- and family-friendly products so every member of your household can rest easy—and that includes the furry ones.

Our field experts train daily on customer service and pest identification, behavior, and eradication so they can bring their best to every visit. We believe in ongoing education and continual improvement, and we look forward to sharing that commitment with our customers and community.

DIY pest control is often an expensive trial-and-error process using materials purchased at the local home improvement store. Our licensed field experts have the knowledge, professional-grade products, and experience to tackle pest problems quickly, saving you both time and money.

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Dewion Brown

“The technicians were very professional and clearly empathetic to my previous experiences. They explained what I was going to receive and what to expect from the process. They took their time and did the job right and then asked me to do a walk around to answer any further questions. Great job! Highly recommend!”

Casey Delaney

“We have been with Moxie for over 10 years between Oklahoma and Texas. I truly believe this is the best company that exists for pest control. If you see activity 2-3 weeks later, they’ll always be happy to come back out for free. All of their employees are cordial and thorough!”

Sylvia Taylor

“I’m in a newly built home and ants and spiders basically moved in with me. A salesman knocked on my door and was kind, quick and not pushy at all. I received service the following Monday! They scheduled me super fast which I appreciate. The service provider was kind and professional. He explained the treatment in detail and did the inside and outside.”

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