Dallas Rodent Control and Removal

Are you feeling anxious after noticing rodent droppings on your floor? Don’t panic—the Dallas experts at Moxie Pest Control can help you reclaim your home and evict these unwanted houseguests. We specialize in rodent control and use pet and family-friendly treatments to protect your home or business.

How to Prevent Rodents in Dallas

Seal Entry Points

Did you know that mice can fit through a hole the diameter of a pencil (¼ of an inch)? It doesn’t take a very big crack or gap in your home’s exterior to unintentionally welcome rodents indoors. Regularly inspect your home’s foundation as well as plumbing voids, windows, and doors to keep an eye out for possible rodent entry points.

Most small cracks can be filled with caulk, though for larger jobs, you may want to use a combination of steel wool and insulation foam (rodents have a hard time chewing through metal). For doors and windows, use weather stripping or door sweeps to keep openings tightly sealed. This will not only keep rodents out but also other small pests, including insects and spiders. 

Rodent Control in Dallas - Get Rid of Rodents | Moxie Pest Control

Cut Back Tree Limbs and Bushes

Tree branches that overhang your home’s roof can provide unintentional access points inside your home. Rats and mice can climb along the limbs and drop down onto your roof as a way to find entry indoors. Cut back tree branches that hang over your roof once a year. 

Take a look at lower tree limbs and shrubbery as well. Vegetation that touches the sides of your home can also provide harborage areas and access. Keep branches cut back at least 18 inches from the sides of your house and avoid having vines that lay directly on your home’s exterior. 

Rodent Control in Dallas - Get Rid of Rodents | Moxie Pest Control

Eliminate Clutter and Firewood

Rodents love nesting in hidden, seldom-disturbed areas, so piles of clutter, debris, and firewood are excellent potential harborage areas for these pests. Clear trash piles promptly and inspect storage areas regularly. For attics, basements, and garages, keep items in closed plastic bins to prevent rodents from shredding stored items and turning them into nesting materials. 

Rodent Control in Dallas - Get Rid of Rodents | Moxie Pest Control

Utilize Screens

Vents and chimney openings are perfect entry points for rodents coming indoors. To avoid this, use screens and chimney caps to cover these openings. 

After you install these items, don’t forget to check on them regularly and perform repairs as needed. A damaged vent can provide easy access for a rodent to sneak inside. 

Rodent Control in Dallas - Get Rid of Rodents | Moxie Pest Control


Manage Food Sources

Rodents often come inside in search of food, so keep potential food sources to a minimum. Store food in sealed, air-tight containers. Rodents can easily chew through paper and cardboard, so it’s a good idea to decant food in these containers into rodent-proof plastic storage containers. 

And your food isn’t the only food to keep an eye on—pet food can attract rodents as well. Keep pet food in air-tight, closed containers, and avoid leaving uneaten food out for long periods of time. Instead, remove any leftover food after your pet has finished eating. 

Rodent Control in Dallas - Get Rid of Rodents | Moxie Pest Control

Inspect Your Property Regularly

Signs of a rodent infestation include chewed wood, walls, or cables; droppings; scurrying sounds within walls or cabinets; and greasy marks along baseboards. Regularly inspect your home or business—especially the seldom-used areas—for signs of rodent activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there so many rodents in Dallas? 

Dallas is the ninth most populous city in the United States, so there are a lot of food, shelter, and water sources for these resilient pests. Additionally, our mild climate makes it easier for rodents to shelter year-round and breed. 

What months are rodents most active in Dallas? 

Rodents infest homes and businesses year-round in Dallas. As cold weather approaches, they move closer to buildings in search of food and warm shelter. That’s why it’s more common to see rodent activity around the winter months. 

We Can Remove Rodents From Your Dallas Home or Business

Our field experts at Moxie Pest Control train daily on pest identification, behavior, and treatments so we can get rid of your pest problems quickly and reliably. We love serving the Dallas area and using our knowledge to help people feel at home in their home. Contact us today for help maintaining a home you can enjoy.

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