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Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving again? This year truly flew by! Before ticking the final few weeks of 2018 off our calendars, tradition dictates we take a quick breather and acknowledge all the great things in our lives at this moment.

Despite the seasonal popularity of giving thanks, we don’t see gratitude as cliché… it’s necessary! Sincere appreciation of the people and circumstances that bring joy into our lives invites even more joy—something we all need in this crazy world.

Even better, expressing thanks inspires others to take stock of the good things in their lives as well. Just like laughter, gratitude is contagious! We definitely have so much to be grateful for this year, and we’re excited to share it with you!

kid holding American flag

1.  Our Country

Lately, it can seem as though the news is one hectic story after another. In all the insanity, it’s easy to lose sight at what makes America truly special—the freedoms we have. We’re so grateful to live in a beautiful land where we can enjoy life they way we want with our friends and families.

Even more, we’re extremely thankful for those who protect it. A sincere thanks goes out to all past and present members from all branches of military for sacrificing to preserve the freedoms we all take for granted.

kids making crafts

2.  Our Communities

We. Love. Our. Communities.

We can’t say it enough! At Joshua’s, we believe that strong communities are better places to live. We pride ourselves in active community involvement because we know that the more invested we are in our communities, the better the world will be for our children.

Every day we see people fighting to improve their neighborhoods, schools, churches, and organizations. Our community members constantly inspire us give us much needed reminders of all the being done in the world.

We can’t say enough thank-yous to our amazing community members and all they do to make our lives better.

moxie team members

3.  Our Families

Oh man, are we grateful for our families.

It’s actually difficult to even put into words.

Families aren’t just classic nuclear structures. A family is a support system… no matter what form it takes. Our families make up the foundations for our lives, and we are incredibly grateful for all our crazy families.

Last but not least, we’re grateful for our Joshua’s family. From our customers to the men and women we work alongside, the Joshua’s family is an outstanding group of people who make life better and better for each other every day.

When we really look back on our year, it’s easy to say that it was the little things really added up to incredible growth and happiness. Thank you to everyone who makes our lives better. We’re so thankful for you all!


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